Food Plots For Doves and Turkey

So much emphasis is put on food plots for deer, but food plots are just as important for our feathered friends! This week, we’re in Alabama planting a Pennington Dove Food Plot mix for doves and Chufas for next spring’s turkey season.

Dove hunting is widely popular and we get asked all the time how to attract doves. In the south, hunters are shooting home raised doves, so providing them with what they need now is important for having plenty doves around when the season opens. This location gives us the opportunity to provide them with everything they need, a variety of food, roosting locations, and water.

In preparation for the 2016 turkey season, we planted a 1.5 acre plot of chufas. The important thing to remember when selecting your chufa food plot location is to plant it where the turkeys want to be. Our site is regularly frequented by turkeys and with 1.5 passes of The Firminator, our site was ready to plant!

Now, with these freshly planted dove and turkey food plots, we just need a little rain!