Food that Equals Cover for Deer

Despite the intense summer heat, there has still been plenty to do for Chase and the Dogwood Land Management team. They’re wrapping up fall food plots, putting the finishing touches on their hunting locations with some inventive blind strategies, and putting the chainsaw to use to improve habitat by edge feathering.

We’ve all had that perfectly located food plot that just doesn’t offer an ideal stand location for deer hunting. The best tree is either on the wrong side of the plot or sits to far off the edge. An easy way to solve that problem is to use a blind. The Redneck Hay Bale Blind is the perfect tool for a hunter in farm country. Chase utilized a hay bale blind on the edge of a newly planted cereal grain food plot. By arranging a series of bales in a “V” formation, the blind will offer shooting opportunities not only to the front, but to the sides as well. On farms where hay bales are present or you have the ability to move a few in, this blind can offer you an excellent location to hunt from.

Deer are creatures of edge. While they do venture through big tracts of timber, they spend the majority of their time near the edges. You can improve the edges on your property with a few hours on a chainsaw. These transition areas between open fields and hardwoods offer an abundance of food in the warm season and browse during the late winter. By doing this, you just creating one more area on your property that offers food that equals cover!