Snares For Trapping

Now that the food plots are in and we have some downtime, it’s never too early to start preparing for trapping season. Snares, where legal, are easy to build and modify. With just a few materials, you can economically modify existing snares or build your own.

This week, we’re with professional trapper, Robert Waddell, and he’s providing insightful methods in regard to snares for trapping. The steps he outlines provides trappers with sound snare construction, modification, and concealment. One of the most important aspects to snares is the ability to prevent non-target animals from the enclosure of the snare. With the installation of simple stops, animals such as deer are able to safely move through the snare. Other steps such as building memory in the snare to increase efficiency and your own swivels/stops to save money are covered in this informative trapping video.

For more information on snares and trapping, the Fur Takers of America offer a trapping college where you can learn from experienced, professional trappers from across the county. This economical option for education will provide you with the tools and techniques that modern trappers use in the field every day.