Deer Hunting

The story of Casey’s deer season began back in the summer months with a move and acquisition of a new property to hunt. After initially stepping foot on the property, he located a perfect area for a food plot and hung trail cameras in preparation for the season.

This year is different than many years past. After 12 years of spending time in a tree with someone else, either filming or being filmed, he was faced with having to hunt on his own. Combine the self filming with the run of bad luck of not being able to capture a mature buck getting shot on film and Casey had more than just a monkey on his back, he had a gorilla.

On just his second sit of the year on this new farm, he was faced with the decision of which deer to shoot as two mature bucks were within bow range. The younger deer with the larger rack or the more mature deer with the smaller rack. The teacher came out in Casey and he shot the more mature deer.