In The Loop

Snares For Trapping Now that the food plots are in and we have some downtime, it’s never too early to start preparing for trapping season. Snares, where legal, are easy to build and modify. With just a few materials, you can economically modify existing snares or build your own. This week, we’re with professional trapper, […]

The Next Level

Trapping Trapping, along with most wildlife management activities, is often hindered by mother nature. The best trapping locations are often located in areas that are less than ideal for digging and setting traps. This week we show you how to combat these issues. Trappers in the south are faced with hard packed road systems that […]

Foward Thinking

Predator Trap Modifications With trapping season over, it’s time to clean up and prepare for next year. Some trappers will just hang their traps in the garage and pull them back out next year, while others will take the time to clean them up and begin to set the stage for a successful future predator […]

Taking Care of Business

Trapping Coyotes Coyotes are detrimental to wildlife populations. They originated in the west, but have since moved into eastern and southeastern portions of the United States. They will not only decimate deer and turkey populations, but can also hurt livestock and farm animals. Trapping them is an effective way for controlling their populations. This week […]