Fine Tuned

Deer Hunting Eight months of work, planning, and strategizing is about to be put to the test as deer hunting seasons begin. Land managers invest a huge amount of time and money into their properties to improve them. Now is the time for the final preparations before it’s time to put on the camouflage and […]

Are We Spooking Deer Unintentionally?

Erich Long – Wildlife Trends They say a picture is worth a thousand words and, if you look at a deer cam photo long enough, you can come up with at least a couple of things to say about it.  For example, your typical deer cam photo of a buck can tell you roughly how old […]

New Friends

Who’s Watching Who

Trail Cameras The day you head to the woods to check your trail cameras is always like Christmas morning. With every click of the keyboard, you hope to see your next “hit list” buck that you can target while deer hunting. As you scroll through the pictures from your trail camera, you notice deer running […]