Switchgrass and other native warm season grasses are great bedding and cover for deer and other wildlife, but they have other uses as well. This week, we’re with our buddy Al on his lease in Alabama. The property includes many food plots for hunting and this particular one is difficult to access. To fix the issue, he planted a strip of switchgrass to cover his entry/exit route, but also to screen deer from being able to see in the plot from the woods. By limiting the whitetail’s vision, it will force them to come out of the woods to see if anything is already there. Now that it’s spring and new growth has just started, it was time to give the stand of switchgrass a mowing and a burn that will offer turkeys bugging areas and poult cover as we move into summer. While this planting doesn’t necessarily provide bedding cover for whitetail, it solves issues Al faces, improves hunting opportunities, and provides for turkeys all from just this small planting!