One Step Closer

The Unknown

Deer Hunting Every year, deer hunters set their sights on having a mature buck walk within range and being able to make a good shot to harvest the animal. They are consumed with these thoughts and dreams throughout much, if not all of the year. For some, they are able to reach their goals for […]


Deer Hunting When managing properties for mature whitetails, the habitat work is only part of the equation. Herd management plays an integral part in managing your property and harvest goals need to be decided upon prior to the season. Age structures and sex ratios will play a huge role in determining which deer to harvest. […]


Doe Management The start of the season is here and the past 9 months of hard work are about to be put to the test. This is the time of year we all work and wait for. Taking children hunting is a much talked about tradition in hunting and the guys from the East Central […]

James Luck Part 2

Deer Management The story of Whitesocks continues in this week’s episode of The Management Advantage. Morgan James, daughter of TMA prostaff Tom James, had her heart set on harvesting Whitesocks as a 3.5 year old during the 2011 season. As James Luck would have it, Whitesocks finally entered a Pennington food plot late during the […]