Murphy’s Law

Hunting the Rut When a cold front, the full moon, and late October all line up, you can bet the deer hunting action is going to be hot. Just a couple of weeks ago, this all aligned while we were hunting with Chris Parrish in Missouri. Deer were on their feet and we were in […]

Called Up


Planting Food Plots in the South It’s finally time to visit the place where The Management Advantage got it’s start. This week we are in south Alabama on Chuck’s family farm that he grew up hunting. To start the week, we’re planting Pennington Wildlife Seed food plots using The Firminator in a slightly unconventional manner. These plots are being […]

The Highs and Lows of Deer Hunting

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting Casey and I experienced a tough fall through our Midwest deer hunting tour. The tough times really put a damper on the remainder of my deer season. When I returned to Alabama in December, I had lost all the desire to deer hunt. Thankfully, I had a job […]