Damage Control

Trapping Coyotes This week we’re with Levi Carlock and Bill Gray the ADWFF District Supervisor Biologist and they’re preforming a fawn recruitment study with Auburn University. They’re trapping one of two sections of a large piece of land to study not only the effects of intensive predator trapping, but also the effects of good habitat […]

Engineering Marvels

Beaver Trapping Beavers are unique creatures that work very hard at what they do. Many hours are spent creating dams and lodges, but their lifestyle creates issues for land mangers. The spring rains coupled with beaver dams often back water up into mast producing trees and low lying areas that are used for food plots. […]

Colder Weather Part 2

Trapping Coyotes The brutally cold weather presented many obstacles for Casey during his time spent trapping coyotes in Illinois. The biggest concern was how to cover the traps. In part 1, we showed you how to make wax dirt to eliminate the issue of traps getting frozen in the ground. The wax dirt is very […]

Colder Weather

Coyote Trapping The success of trapping season lies within not only the correct locations, but also in properly functioning equipment no matter what conditions. There are limitless tricks and modifications that trappers can make to their equipment. Some are standard, while others are dependent upon certain conditions. This week we talk about a few of […]

On Location

Summer Coyote Trapping Predator control is an integral part of managing your deer herd. Most land managers concentrate their trapping efforts through the winter months. The summer months are often looked upon as unproductive for trapping coyotes, but where legal, the summer months offer a great opportunity for successful trapping that is very beneficial to […]