Trapping Tip: When to “Reset” a Trap

Predator Trapping Tip We get asked all the time on when is it time to remake a set. It’s not the length of days it’s been there, it’s weather conditions that are our determining factor. A big rain can form a crust over the set basically keeping it from firing. Animals have a keen sense […]


Coyote Trapping In any kind of trapping or hunting, looking for sign animals have left behind is a great way to scout. For coyote trapping, looking for and finding scat serves dual purpose. It not only shows where a coyote has been, but also provides a trapper with the best trap lure out there. Scat […]


Predator Trapping: Dirt Hole Our predator trapping methods have been the same for years. People are always asking for the “magic bean” to improve their success, but there isn’t one. Good tools, equipment, and location is what it’s all about. This week we take you through the step by step process of creating one of […]

Damage Control

Trapping Coyotes This week we’re with Levi Carlock and Bill Gray the ADWFF District Supervisor Biologist and they’re preforming a fawn recruitment study with Auburn University. They’re trapping one of two sections of a large piece of land to study not only the effects of intensive predator trapping, but also the effects of good habitat […]

Engineering Marvels

Beaver Trapping Beavers are unique creatures that work very hard at what they do. Many hours are spent creating dams and lodges, but their lifestyle creates issues for land mangers. The spring rains coupled with beaver dams often back water up into mast producing trees and low lying areas that are used for food plots. […]