Fine Tuned

Deer Hunting Eight months of work, planning, and strategizing is about to be put to the test as deer hunting seasons begin. Land managers invest a huge amount of time and money into their properties to improve them. Now is the time for the final preparations before it’s time to put on the camouflage and […]

Phase 3

Planting Fall Food Plots September is a time for excitement, preparation, and decision making. The time for planting fall food plots in the Midwest is now. For many, this may be the first seed you put in the ground this year. For others, they’re making decisions on whether to leave existing summer plots or start […]


Food Plots There are many ways to plant food plots. Some people are fortunate enough to use large ag equipment, some have small tractors, while others might only be using an ATV, but the end result for everyone is getting the seed in the ground to ensure germination.  Properly utilizing whatever equipment you have and […]


Planting Food Plots The record rainfall of the spring of 2013 has delayed our food plot planting, but the month of June still offers a great opportunity to plant summer food plots in the Midwest. This week we’re planting Eagle Forage Soybeans in Illinois. Different planting times require different planting techniques, but with the right […]