Planting Fall Food Plots

September is a time for excitement, preparation, and decision making. The time for planting fall food plots in the Midwest is now. For many, this may be the first seed you put in the ground this year. For others, they’re making decisions on whether to leave existing summer plots or start fresh. Casey elected to mow off some of his forage soybeans. The heat and lack of rain the past couple months has kept the beans from filling pods. There is plenty of forage from the leaves for now, but after the first frost, the leaves will wilt and he’ll be left without a food source for whitetails. In an effort to provide as much food as possible for the hunting season, he’s re-planting the mowed off portions in Pennington’s Feeding Frenzy. This will ensure he has highly sought out food sources on his property through the winter months.

Chris Parrish is planting “kill” plots. These food plots are small in size and offer a staging area for whitetails before they head to larger destination food sources. He has located it with shooting in mind. Chris’ plot is long and narrow. Since it is only 30 yards wide, any deer walking through the plot will be within bow range of a stand that is hung with the prevailing wind directions in mind. These are both great ways to increase your odds when the season opens.