Food Plots There are many ways to plant food plots. Some people are fortunate enough to use large ag equipment, some have small tractors, while others might only be using an ATV, but the end result for everyone is getting the seed in the ground to ensure germination.  Properly utilizing whatever equipment you have and […]


Planting Food Plots in the South It’s finally time to visit the place where The Management Advantage got it’s start. This week we are in south Alabama on Chuck’s family farm that he grew up hunting. To start the week, we’re planting Pennington Wildlife Seed food plots using The Firminator in a slightly unconventional manner. These plots are being […]

Growing Pains

Deer Management Mother nature dictates most of what we do in deer management. In 2012, much of the country has experienced a record dry and hot summer. Casey Shoopman, editor and videographer for The Management Advantage, has had to rewrite his management plan for his family farm in Illinois because of the weather. This year, […]