Planting Food Plots in the South

It’s finally time to visit the place where The Management Advantage got it’s start. This week we are in south Alabama on Chuck’s family farm that he grew up hunting. To start the week, we’re planting Pennington Wildlife Seed food plots using The Firminator in a slightly unconventional manner. These plots are being seeded in a freshly baled hay-field. This allows us to provide food for deer and also for the cattle on the farm. Instead of taking an aggressive pass disturbing the soil, we are simply skimming the top enough to get the seed incorporated, but not destroying the grasses for hay production. The end results will be the best of both worlds.

Over the years, trees along the edge of the food plots have started to hang over the edges. We’re excited to try out the Limbinator mounted on our tractor to cut back these over hanging branches. The Limbinator allows us to reach otherwise untouchable limbs unless we were to cut the entire tree down. This opens our edges back up allowing sunlight to reach the soil and plants to thrive even along the perimeter of our food plots.

To finish up the week, we’re hunting the opening of the Alabama archery season. Scouting has led us to a few loaded Swamp Chestnut trees. These trees typically drop their mast in early November, but due to weather conditions this year they’re dropping early. All the sign is there to make us think it’ll be an awesome deer hunt, but the first on the scene is a mature wild hog and she didn’t get away. Chuck was able to take out a breeding sow. Not the end result we had planned on, but a great outcome nonetheless.