Colder Weather Part 2

Trapping Coyotes The brutally cold weather presented many obstacles for Casey during his time spent trapping coyotes in Illinois. The biggest concern was how to cover the traps. In part 1, we showed you how to make wax dirt to eliminate the issue of traps getting frozen in the ground. The wax dirt is very […]

Colder Weather

Coyote Trapping The success of trapping season lies within not only the correct locations, but also in properly functioning equipment no matter what conditions. There are limitless tricks and modifications that trappers can make to their equipment. Some are standard, while others are dependent upon certain conditions. This week we talk about a few of […]


Trapping Coyotes Last week we covered some of the basics of trapping coyotes. The great response we received from last week’s show has prompted us to produce another on trapping. You, the viewers, are what drives The Management Advantage and topics that you want covered are topics that we are going to cover. Much of […]

Taking Care of Business

Trapping Coyotes Coyotes are detrimental to wildlife populations. They originated in the west, but have since moved into eastern and southeastern portions of the United States. They will not only decimate deer and turkey populations, but can also hurt livestock and farm animals. Trapping them is an effective way for controlling their populations. This week […]


Predator Management We like to say, “Land is the investment that lasts”. Landowners purchase land and manage the wildlife on it to provide better hunting opportunities and sustain healthy deer, turkey, and waterfowl populations. To be successful in your management practices, you must limit or eliminate the problems that can deter you from reaching your […]