Coyote Trapping

The success of trapping season lies within not only the correct locations, but also in properly functioning equipment no matter what conditions. There are limitless tricks and modifications that trappers can make to their equipment. Some are standard, while others are dependent upon certain conditions. This week we talk about a few of them.

The incredibly cold weather in the Midwest this past week forced us to modify the dirt we used to cover our traps. Sifting dirt found near our sets is our typical method, but due to the cold and snow, we are not able to use this method. The moisture is the soil would freeze creating a crust over the trap and prevent it from firing. Instead, we’re melting wax with dry dirt to create a freeze proof method to covering our traps.

We’re also preforming a few modifications to our traps that are made regardless of the weather. These adjustments are solely for improving the function of our traps to ensure a minimal number of misses or lost coyotes. These adjustments and adaptations will greatly improve our success over the coming weeks.