Deer Management

This week’s show is part 1 of Tom James’ season. His property is intensely managed and he had some great bucks coming into the 2012 season. Unfortunately, most of his “hit list” deer disappeared from his trail cameras before the season started. However, one buck stuck around.

Whitesocks is a deer that he and his daughter, Morgan, had watched for a couple years. She had passed him as a two year old in the 2010 season. During the 2011 season, Tom had numerous encounters with Whitesocks, but his number one goal for the year was Morgan harvesting her first buck. Every encounter he had with Whitesocks would end with him walking away in hopes he would show back up during the weekend when Morgan was home from college. As luck would have it, Whitesocks would never make an appearance with Morgan in the stand, but as soon as she would leave he would come back. During one of Tom’s hunts prior to the peak of the rut in 2011, Whitesocks put on a show that very few deer hunters have ever witnessed let alone captured on film. The whitetail buck vocalizations captured in this footage is 100% real and live. The growls and snort wheezes will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Later that week when Morgan was home to hunt, he vanished yet again.

In next week’s show, we pick up during the 2012 season where Whitesocks now a 4 year old, and Morgan might finally meet up.