Hog Trapping

The feral hog problem in the south is not only detrimental to property, but the hunting as well. A feral hog’s ability to reproduce in large numbers at a young age makes for difficulty controlling the population. Jager Pro is an innovator in the hog control industry. Their technology and expertise in the field leads to high success. From night-time thermal imaging hunts to trapping, they are at the forefront of the war on hogs.

The amount of knowledge Jager Pro has gained through their experiences is second to none. This week, they’ll share some of their hog trapping techniques. The most important aspect to successful hog trapping is the location. A landowner must locate where the hogs want to be before moving forward. Once the location has been determined, a bait site must be setup. Now that the location and bait site has been established, the trap can be constructed. Constructing enclosures for successful hog trapping takes careful planning and a reinforced enclosure. These enclosures must be disguised just as a coyote trapper would hide his set.

To further their success, Jager Pro utilizes trail camera technology. They are able to identify every pig in the sounder. With their technology, the effectiveness of a land owner greatly improves. The gates used on their enclosures feature remote capability. Couple this remote capability with the use of cellular scouting cameras and a land owner can identify when the entire sounder is in the trap and remotely close the gate without ever having to leave his or her home. There’s no need to drive to your property to check the trap because you know what’s there or what isn’t. This not only saves the landowner time and money, but also help improve his property from the removal of destructive wild hogs.