Hog Trapping

Last week we showed the process that Rod Pinkston and Jager Pro use to select a location and build a hog trap. This week, it’s time for the trapping. Jager Pro prides themselves on 100% success in trapping the entire sounder through the use of their M.I.N.E Trapping System. This system utilizes custom made panels, a remote control device, and a push button door. Users can either activate the door with the use of an electronic trip wire, handheld remote, cell phone, or streaming video.

Our video this week showcases the M.I.N.E Trapping System remotely activated from home. Sows and piglets were targeted, but one sow was reluctant to enter the enclosure. Through the use of live view trail cameras, Jager Pro was able to identify when the weary sow finally entered the trap. Once she did, the door was remotely activated and the entire sounder was trapped. Had the lone sow not been trapped, the area could have seen more pigs in just under 4 months due to the short gestation period of pigs. Time and money were saved through this technology by cutting out the need to constantly be checking the trap and filling feeders. Rod was able to keep close tabs on the sounder and the trap from his home with the use of cellular trail cameras.