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All In A Day’s Work

Casey Shoopman, producer/editor of The Management Advantage has had a first hand education in wildlife management over the course of 8 years of working for The Management Advantage. The past few years he has been putting this education to use through property enhancements. He has been planting food plots for deer management for a long […]

The NEW Management Advantage

The Management Advantage is excited to bring you the first in a series of trailer videos showcasing the new direction of the original show dedicated to wildlife management. Our team of professionals from across the country will provide insight into turkey, fish, waterfowl, predator, and deer management. Starting in August, The Management Advantage will produce […]

What You Are Inspires You

Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management How many of you have ever given advice to someone?  Better yet, how many of you have given advice to someone and that you have never followed yourself?  As a consultant, I give advice to anyone that wants to hear my rambling, all the time.  What I really […]

How Has Quality Deer Management Changed You?

Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management There’s a story behind every sportsman and women out there of how and why they got started deer hunting.  Growing up in a rural community in Northeast Ohio, my best friend  and I decided to become bow hunters.  Now this was in the mid eighties and bow hunting was […]