Beaver Trapping

Beavers are unique creatures that work very hard at what they do. Many hours are spent creating dams and lodges, but their lifestyle creates issues for land mangers. The spring rains coupled with beaver dams often back water up into mast producing trees and low lying areas that are used for food plots. We control beaver populations and the damage they create through innovative methods of trapping.

Beaver runs offer perfect opportunities for the use of Conabears. By welding a cold rolled steel frame, we create a safe point for your foot to plant the trap at the bottom of a beaver run. This allows you to anchor your trap exactly where it needs to be and prevent the trap from twisting and mis-firing. When combining our trapping methods with a wildlife manager licensed in explosives, we can control the beaver population and put an end to beaver dams that are backing up water. Releasing the water will drain areas of important trees for wildlife and help dry out low lying soil that is great for food plots.