Calling Whitetails While Deer Hunting

This week we are featuring good friend Chris Parrish. Chris has been in the outdoor industry for a number of years as turkey call manufacturer and has won dozens of turkey calling contests. His experience in calling turkeys is not far from his expertise in calling whitetails. In this episode of The Management Advantage, he talks about calling whitetails and the hunt culminates with Chris harvesting a mature whitetail.

The rut is a time when whitetails are the most responsive to calling. Grunting, bleating, rattling, and snort wheezing are all great vocalizations to lure in a mature whitetail while deer hunting. By judging the deer’s posture and examining the situation, a hunter can capitalize on a whitetail’s sense of aggression and curiosity during the rut. In this week’s video, Chris discusses buck’s reactions to calling methods, when he uses calling, and how to use it successfully. This time of year, deer will often react positively to both challenging sounds from other bucks as well as vocalizations from does. The key to their utilization is knowing when and how to use them.