Controlled Burning

May Days

Casey spent the month of May working on multiple projects on the farm to not only improve his odds this fall, but to also increase the habitat for years to come. This particular food plot had been no-tilled with corn for a few years. It’s time for a new crop and for the soil to […]

Sweet Home Alabama

Improve Deer Hunting Habitat In The South What corn are soybeans are to the midwest, pine trees are to the south. While the management practices between them are different, they are all aimed at maximizing production when it comes time to harvest. While corn and soybeans offer prime food sources for whitetail, pines themselves do not, […]

Be Ready

Controlled Burning For Wildlife Fire is Mother Nature’s original form of management. When used carefully, it can help land managers control a variety of different habitats. This week, we’re in Alabama burning a mid-rotation pine stand to not only help the pines, but also improve the turkey hunting with the season just opening up. The […]