Tricks of the Trade Extended

Predator Trapping Tips This week, we have a few more tips to help make your trapping season be more successful. Attention to detail and utilizing these predator trapping tips can help make or break your success this season.

Tricks of the Trade

Modifying Traps Trapping requires precise locations, setting, and equipment. Stock traps will do their job, but with some modifications, can work even better. This week, Casey is modifying the dog and pan on his Victor four coil traps. These two simple modifications will increase his odds when that coyote, bobcat, or fox comes sniffing around.

Modifying and Setting Snares For Predator Trapping: “Loaded”

Modifying and Setting Snares Snares, where legal, give trappers a great tool to use in certain situations. With a little modification, you can improve a stock snare and increase your odds of success. In this video, we provide a little how-to on modifying and setting snares for predator trapping. By simply making a curl, or […]

Trapping Tip: When to “Reset” a Trap

Predator Trapping Tip We get asked all the time on when is it time to remake a set. It’s not the length of days it’s been there, it’s weather conditions that are our determining factor. A big rain can form a crust over the set basically keeping it from firing. Animals have a keen sense […]


Coyote Trapping In any kind of trapping or hunting, looking for sign animals have left behind is a great way to scout. For coyote trapping, looking for and finding scat serves dual purpose. It not only shows where a coyote has been, but also provides a trapper with the best trap lure out there. Scat […]