Are We Spooking Deer Unintentionally?

Erich Long – Wildlife Trends They say a picture is worth a thousand words and, if you look at a deer cam photo long enough, you can come up with at least a couple of things to say about it.  For example, your typical deer cam photo of a buck can tell you roughly how old […]

New Friends


Doe Management With the rut in full swing, we hit the Alabama deer woods last week. The last week of the season is a time when Chuck and his father visit the family farm and have done so for the past 35 years. This year, Casey and his brother, Dallas, joined the Sykes’ and puppy […]

Murphy’s Law

Hunting the Rut When a cold front, the full moon, and late October all line up, you can bet the deer hunting action is going to be hot. Just a couple of weeks ago, this all aligned while we were hunting with Chris Parrish in Missouri. Deer were on their feet and we were in […]