As deer hunters and managers, we work 365 days a year. Some of us are blessed with properties that we can grow and hold mature whitetails throughout the entire year while small property managers are just trying to give deer enough of what they need to make them spend the majority of their time on their land.

The story of Charlie Brown started last spring on the Shoopman Family Farm. They manipulated a stand of Switchgrass to thicken it up and combine it with beneficial weeds in hopes of making it more attractive and useful for deer in the area. The plan came full circle at the end of September as a mature buck started frequenting the farm. It didn’t take long for Casey to start connecting the dots on when and where Charlie Brown was on the farm. Selectively deer hunting and trying to capitalize on Charlie Brown’s pattern, Casey was able to reap the rewards of the spring Switchgrass management on November 1st.