Colorado Elk Hunting

This week, we’re having a Throwback Thursday to an elk hunt from 5 years ago. For many hunters, elk hunting kicks off their hunting season. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity for a week long back country public land elk hunt. The beauty and terrain are unmatched and to have that large of an animal inside of 50 yards is incredible. The hunt itself is a lot like the chess match of a turkey hunt. 
You hear him bugle and try to cut the distance by guessing the direction he’s headed. Sometimes you guess right and other times you’re completely wrong. When you close the distance and he bulges at close range, you feel it deep down in your chest and once you’ve heard it that close, you’ll dream of hearing it year after year. The weather during our elk hunt was tough and we covered dozen of miles, but the trip ended with success and Chuck was able to harvest his first bull elk in Colorado.