Improve Your Turkey Hunting With Roads and Clearings

This week, Howard gets a little tractor therapy as he begins preparing for turkey season. On one of his farms in Alabama, the cover is thick and filming a turkey hunt is the ultimate challenge. To help make it easier, he’s taking 3 new tools from the X-Series by Vail Products to create a road network and few small clearing for food plots.

On this farm, dense cover combined with numerous ridges and valleys give turkeys plenty of opportunities to sneak and and out while trying to hunt them. Howard started by clearing a path and opening up a flat on top of a ridge using the brush cutter. This cuts down the small trees and begins to open up the area. For the larger trees and for clearing the sides of the roads, he used the tree saw. Making quick work of the area, all that was left to do was get all of the down trees and brush out of the way using the grappling hook. A project that could have taken days to even weeks, was completed in just an afternoon. With the new road system and food plot clearings on the ridge flats, turkey season should much more successful and easy to film on this farm in Alabama.