This week, we’re not only planting a new food plots, but also trying to save a couple that have been in for a few weeks.

A spring warm season grass planting is best done when sprayed the fall prior. This is especially true when trying to establish one in a stand of fescue. We’re always trying to maximize our usable acres so instead of leaving this as a field of dead fescue, we’re planting Pennington’s new Cover Crop. It’s comprised of cereal rye and radishes which are nothing different than many of the fall food plots anyone plants. Instead of the area being useless for the winter, it’ll now be a mat of green forage and the rye/radish combo won’t hinder us in the spring when we plant the switchgrass.

Casey also stumbled onto a problem with a food plot he’s never had in Illinois…Army Worms. The right conditions combined this summer in central Illinois for an infestation in a couple of his food plots. See what he did to put the issue to rest and save his two plots.