Modifying and Setting Snares

Snares, where legal, give trappers a great tool to use in certain situations. With a little modification, you can improve a stock snare and increase your odds of success.

In this video, we provide a little how-to on modifying and setting snares for predator trapping. By simply making a curl, or pre-loading more of a circular curve into your snare, you’ll cover more of the crossing and quicken the snare. It’s a simple, yet effective modification that anyone can do. Setting a snare is an art. At first, it might take you some time, but through practice and trial/error you’ll have it down. Using wire to form an anchor on a fence crossing and another 8-10 inch piece as a support wire will not only help a trapper firmly secure his snare, but also provide easy adjustment to provide perfect snare placement.

Fence crossings offer excellent opportunities for trapping many types of predators. With a little help from this how-to snare video, you’ll improve your sets and increase your success next trapping season.