Modifying Traps

Trapping requires precise locations, setting, and equipment. Stock traps will do their job, but with some modifications, can work even better. This week, Casey is modifying the dog and pan on his Victor four coil traps. These two simple modifications will increase his odds when that coyote, bobcat, or fox comes sniffing around.

The first step is to remove the stock dog and pan. He’s going to be installing a positrip pan and round style dog to replace the flat style that is too soft. By using a vice to slightly bend the dog, he can fine tune the tension with every 5 degrees equalling about 1 pound of tension in the trap. When the pan is installed, it should freely move, but when the trap is armed, it will sit just slightly angled down from being level. To double check the modifications, use a trap pan tester to test. The goal is around 3 pounds which is perfect for coyotes, foxes, and bobcats.