Site Preparation

Site preparation is a vital component of the success of anything you plant. Whether it’s a backpack sprayer for a half acre food plot, a tractor pulling a tank in an 80 acre field, or a helicopter aerially applying chemicals to a clear cut, preparing a location for planting might take extra time and money to start, but will benefit you in the long run.

In the south, fresh clear cuts quickly become infested with young hardwoods and Kudzu. While a lot of the young vegetation that begins growing in these clear cuts it great deer food, there comes a time when the landowner needs to plant another crop of trees just as a farmer plants corn. Tractors and sprayers aren’t often feasible in these areas because of the rapid regeneration of plants, but helicopters provide the answer.

Custom Air provides this service to landowners looking to prepare areas for pine establishment. A clean weed free seed bed is just as important for trees as it is for any other plant. The technology used allows the pilot to see where he has already sprayed eliminating wasted chemical and providing a complete kill. Pines are not only used for recreation and hunting in the south, but as a crop as well. They need to be provided with the best environment possible to maximize their return. The first step to helping them achieve this goal is to plant them in a well prepared area.