Howard and Chuck hit the wood with the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow by Crosman in search of hogs. In south Texas they’re plentiful so it doesn’t take long find a couple groups and use the Airbow to lower the wild hog population!

The Airbow utilizes full length arrows and normal broadheads driven by air from an easy to cock, easy to shoot platform. It is built on the .357 Bulldog platform, but the shroud has been replaced by a long cylinder for the air to pass through. Unlike a crossbow or standard bow where the force is transferred to the arrow or bolt in the rear through the nock, the Airbow has it’s force delivered to the tip of the arrow. Rather than pushing the arrow from the rear, it’s pulled from the front. This greatly increases accuracy which makes it easy for all ages to shoot and increases it’s effective range. The Airbow is easy to fill from a compressed air tank or hand pump and in most instances, a hunter can get 8-12 shots out of a fill before noticing a decrease in accuracy.