Archery Elk Hunting

For many, hunting is a tradition that beings at an early age passed down from generation to generation.. For others, it’s picked up along the way through life. At the age of 70, Melvin Melton, was set to go on his first bow hunt. Not just any bow hunt either. After 11 years of applying, he was finally drawn for a coveted Arizona archery elk tag.

For anyone who has ever bowhunted elk, the terrain is rough, the miles are long, and harvesting a bull is an extreme challenge for hunters of any age. Melvin spent months preparing for the hunt by hiking the mountains and shooting his bow. At his age, he was as or even more prepared than any hunter half his age. The time spent preparing and the anticipation of his first hunt all came together as he harvested an awesome bull elk with his bow that green scored over 350 inches!