Food Plots for Ducks

For some of our pro staff members, wildlife management is their job. Their 9 to 5 is food plots, habitat improvement, warm season grass establishment, or water control for ducks. For others, wildlife management is a passion that often comes second to other aspects of their life. This week we take a look at our web guy, Blake Hagemeier, and how he balances waterfowl management and hunting with his role as a stay at home dad. Many of our viewers are in the same position. They have regular jobs through the week, but still love to improve their land for deer, ducks, turkey, and other wildlife. They key is to not have huge expectations for the time you have for your wildlife management practices. We would all love to spend weeks on end in our favorite hunting location, but it often takes the back seat to family obligations, budgets, or equipment. Don’t get discouraged! Utilize the resources and time you have to do the best you can for your wildlife.

Blake has done just that at one of his duck holes in southern Illinois. They dug out a 3/4 acre hole and planted it with Golden Millet for food plots for ducks. Much like deer hunters this year are faced with dry weather, so are the duck hunters. They had to wait to plant as late as possible ahead of Hurricane Isaac in order to get ample moisture for germination. Blake and his friends borrowed a tractor and drag, then hand spread the seed into a firm seedbed. The rain fell and the Golden Millet created a lush green food lot for ducks for this fall. This was all created with the knowledge gained from the “guys with degrees”. Blake and his friends that comprise “Fowled Reality” work on budgets, time constraints, and a love for duck hunting. They spend their time during duck and goose season scouting to find birds, knocking on doors to gain access to land, and hunting a few of their own properties. Fowled Reality has taken information learned from TMA and Jody Pagan of 5 Oaks Wildlife Services and put it into practice to create food plots for ducks this fall when food will be at a premium.