Land Conservation

Conservation and management go hand in hand. Without the conservation of natural resources and habitats, we might not have sustainable wildlife populations to manage today. Conservation practices and projects have been around for many years and thanks to them, we are able to enjoy the opportunity to harvest multiple deer a year or 6 ducks a day during waterfowl season. This week on The Management Advantage, we take a look at how conservation plays a role in wildlife management and a way companies can protect the environment while still completing the job at hand.

New South Access and Environmental Solutions is a great example of current day conservation. They offer access solutions for environmentally sensitive areas. Companies in new construction or infrastructure repair or improvement often need the ability to access wetland areas that are not only home to many types of wildlife, but also impossible to travel through without some sort of access solution. New South’s use of the Emtek Air Bridge Access System provides the access needed to the wettest areas, but still protects it. The matting spreads the weight of heavy equipment over a large area limiting the footprint left after the project is completed. The design distributes weight horizontally and vertically. Even with heavy equipment utilizing the mats, the pounds per square inch on the environment is less than that of a human.

New South Access and Environmental Solutions provides matting for all types of environments. In one of their latest projects in Minnesota, they supplied a local power company with three different tiers of matting solutions dependent upon the conditions of the marsh. This variety of access solutions saves their clients money, but doesn’t sacrifice the preservation of the environment allowing them to return to their natural beauty and utilization by wildlife.