4 Legged Enemies

Hog Trapping The feral hog problem in the south is not only detrimental to property, but the hunting as well. A feral hog’s ability to reproduce in large numbers at a young age makes for difficulty controlling the population. Jager Pro is an innovator in the hog control industry. Their technology and expertise in the field leads […]


Trapping Coyotes Last week we covered some of the basics of trapping coyotes. The great response we received from last week’s show has prompted us to produce another on trapping. You, the viewers, are what drives The Management Advantage and topics that you want covered are topics that we are going to cover. Much of […]

Taking Care of Business

Trapping Coyotes Coyotes are detrimental to wildlife populations. They originated in the west, but have since moved into eastern and southeastern portions of the United States. They will not only decimate deer and turkey populations, but can also hurt livestock and farm animals. Trapping them is an effective way for controlling their populations. This week […]

The Trapping Message

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting I wanted to keep you informed of the progress the FTA and The Management Advantage are having on promoting the trapping message.  It was a huge step for the FTA to agree to the sponsorship of The Management Advantage this season and I needed to let the FTA […]

New Air-gun Technology and it’s Use in Trapping

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting Like most of you, I started my outdoor career chasing the local tweety bird community around my home with a BB gun in hand.  As I grew older, the BB gun turned in .177 caliber pellet gun and larger critters like rabbits and squirrels became targets.  It has […]