In the deer hunting world food is king. As a land manager, you want to provide whitetails with food on your property 365 days a year. Food plots can be an integral piece to this year round puzzle for whitetails and turkey. Pennington’s Feeding Frenzy is a food plot blend consisting of small grains, legumes, and brassicas for quick establishment that is a great fall food source. When spring hits, these plants will continue to grow and seed out providing excellent fawning and poult cover as well as an abundance of food for turkeys. By mixing in Durana clover in a fall planting, the Feeding Frenzy provides a cover crop to give the Durana a chance to establish and by the following summer a lush green carpet of whitetail food is underneath all those small grains and legumes that are ending their life cycle. Once the poults and fawns get some age on them, you can go in and mow off the Feeding Frenzy and you’re left with perennial clover plot for years to come!