Who’s Watching Who

Trail Cameras The day you head to the woods to check your trail cameras is always like Christmas morning. With every click of the keyboard, you hope to see your next “hit list” buck that you can target while deer hunting. As you scroll through the pictures from your trail camera, you notice deer running […]

Don’t Feel Left Out

Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management You just got done watching your favorite deer management web show on the internet and with a click of the mouse you turn to your email.  Just great, you think to yourself as you scroll through emails from your friends who keep sending you pictures of their food […]

Growing Pains

Deer Management Mother nature dictates most of what we do in deer management. In 2012, much of the country has experienced a record dry and hot summer. Casey Shoopman, editor and videographer for The Management Advantage, has had to rewrite his management plan for his family farm in Illinois because of the weather. This year, […]

Don’t Just Scout Deer This Summer, Learn From Them

Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management I have a saying that I say a lot and it’s a saying that I make sure I tell people when either doing a seminar on Quality Deer Management or doing a consultation for a client and its “I can grow them for you, don’t ask me how […]

What You Are Inspires You

Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management How many of you have ever given advice to someone?  Better yet, how many of you have given advice to someone and that you have never followed yourself?  As a consultant, I give advice to anyone that wants to hear my rambling, all the time.  What I really […]