The Future of Deer Management

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting and Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management Where do you think the future of deer hunting or better yet, deer management is headed?  Erich Long, a wildlife consultant from Ohio, handles quite a bit of our management work throughout the mid-west.  He and I decided to team up […]

Wildlife Management in Pine Plantations

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting With our consulting business, I have had to deal with many cases of wildlife management misperceptions over the years.    They come in a wide variety of subjects from food plot seed, harvest recommendations, to lake management.  Even though the subject matter may be different, the ideas behind […]

The Highs and Lows of Deer Hunting

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting Casey and I experienced a tough fall through our Midwest deer hunting tour. The tough times really put a damper on the remainder of my deer season. When I returned to Alabama in December, I had lost all the desire to deer hunt. Thankfully, I had a job […]

Rotation of Food Plots for Deer Management

Ross Fogle How often growing up did you hear “Eat your vegetables” or “You need more variety in your diet”? As I get older I am starting to think I should have listened a little more as I try to cut back on the fast food and soda. But mom also brings up a good […]