Love Thy Neighbor

QDM Co-op Quality Deer Management is a philosophy that is more than just big antlers. It is comprised of habitat management, herd management, herd monitoring, and an often overlooked cornerstone, hunter management. QDM Co-ops are possibly the most important aspect of QDM. The vast majority of land owners have a piece of property that is 100 […]

New Blood

Land Management Land and wildlife management has been around since the beginning of time. It has been passed down from generation to generation and regardless of the fast paced life that we all live today, this exchange of knowledge still takes place. This week we introduce you to the newest members of the TMA family, […]

Plan and Plant Like You Mean It

Steve Tillman – Wildlife Trends Imagine the following scenario. It’s a weekend day early last fall. The smell of damp leaves hangs in the cool morning air as you step from the truck to make your way to the field. Thoughts of a previous work week full of demands and deadlines retreat with each quiet stride […]

What Makes the World Go Round

Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management If you consider yourself a serious deer manager, you must be able to handle yourself in a professional manner at all times.  That means being able to handle situations from failure to accomplishment with class because we are true conservationist. As a professional deer manager, I get the pleasure […]

Off Week