How Has Quality Deer Management Changed You?

Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management There’s a story behind every sportsman and women out there of how and why they got started deer hunting.  Growing up in a rural community in Northeast Ohio, my best friend  and I decided to become bow hunters.  Now this was in the mid eighties and bow hunting was […]

Don’t Lose Focus on Quality Deer Management

Erich Long – Drumming Log Wildlife Management If you’re one of the thousands of people who practice Quality Deer Management in this country, you already know the drill.  Manipulate native vegetation, plant some food sources if possible, be patient, and shoot some does in the mean time while waiting for that buck of your dreams.  […]

The Trials and Tribulations of Small Acreage Deer Management

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting When I first started my consulting business over 15 years ago, my average client owned 3000 acres.  Management options were limitless.  The only constraints were time and the owner’s wallet.  Today, on the other hand, my average client is the owner of 300 acres or less.  We have performed […]

Antlerless Deer Harvest Principles

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting Over the years, research has provided us sound management criteria to assist land and wildlife managers in improving the deer herds around the nation.   I think TMA followers, under most circumstances, we have a pretty good idea of what we should do when it comes to buck harvest.  […]

Harvest Regulations for Deer Management

Chuck Sykes – The Management Advantage Consulting Inevitably, when I meet with a new landowner or give a seminar to a hunting club, the first thing out of their mouth when harvest regulations are discussed is; yes we are protecting our bucks.   We only shoot bucks that are 8pt. or better. Most hunters believe that […]