Carlson’s Choke Tubes

Carlson’s Choke Tubes This year, in the turkey hunting woods, we made a switch to Carlson’s Choke Tubes Long Beard XR coupled with the Winchester Long Beard XR shells. Results on the range were incredible and we couldn’t wait to get a turkey in front of the combination. The pattern is impressive well down range […]

Turkey Hunting: “Interrupted”

Every spring starts the same. Big plans for habitat improvements and food plot preparations, only to be quickly “Interrupted” by the sickness that has infected us all: turkey hunting! This year was no different than the others for Casey. Mowing a corn plot and burning native warm season grasses in preparation for the coming year […]

Full Circle

Frost Seeding Food Plots Planting food plots doesn’t always require large machinery or lots of equipment. By using the weather to your advantage, getting seed in the ground can be as simple as broadcasting it on top of the soil. Timing is key, but the end result can be a beautiful lush green food plot. […]

Last Chance Rally Caps