May Days

Casey spent the month of May working on multiple projects on the farm to not only improve his odds this fall, but to also increase the habitat for years to come. This particular food plot had been no-tilled with corn for a few years. It’s time for a new crop and for the soil to […]

Native Warm Season Grasses: Switch Plans

Native Warm Season Grasses Switchgrass and other native warm season grasses offer deer managers a variety of different uses. The key to the success of a stand of warm season grasses is dependent upon having a plan from the start. The main purpose for many land managers that plant switchgrass is to provide bedding cover. […]


Deer Management Wildlife managers come in all types. Walter Gilbert is no different. He is a loyal TMA viewer and has put what he has learned through our episodes into practice on his farm in South Carolina. Gilbert is the type that didn’t need told what to do, he just needed someone to confirm his […]

New Blood

Land Management Land and wildlife management has been around since the beginning of time. It has been passed down from generation to generation and regardless of the fast paced life that we all live today, this exchange of knowledge still takes place. This week we introduce you to the newest members of the TMA family, […]

Bits and Pieces Part 2

Deer Management in Pines This week we are still in Alabama discussing deer management in pines. This stand of pines is in its first thinning and is 15 years old. Every fifth row of trees gets cut leaving linear openings that are perfect for planting food plots. These plots are oriented in a way to […]