Turkey Hunting and Food Plots

When a land manager thinks of spring, he or she often thinks of turkey hunting and food plots. This week’s show hits on both. Warmer temperatures are quickly approaching and food plots are beginning to green up. The pollination of your favorite clover plot is probably aided from the help of honey bees. They not only provide honey, but also help many trees, shrubs, and plants that provide for the game species we manage for. The food plots they help pollinate are beginning to grow and perennial plot maintenance will soon be need. To help get that perennial planting ready for antler growing and milk production season, mow the tops off to stimulate growth, help with weed competition, and provide it with 300 lbs. to the acre of 0-20-20 to really give it a kick start.

Our favorite aspect of spring is the chess match with Mr. Longbeard! Turkey hunting has just started and we spent opening weekend in the woods in Alabama. As with most turkey hunts, the turkey didn’t follow the script and we had to improvised with some running and gunning, but the end result was a longbeard laying on the ground!